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Top Gaming trends that will make it big this year

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18th Apr 22 10:49 am

2022 is definitely going to be interesting for the gaming world. There are so many advancements on multiple fronts and that is to impact the gaming industry immensely. From the Metaverse to augmented reality, the world of gaming has many more elements to it than it had a couple of years back. So, whether you want to play poker online or check out some racing games, let’s look at the trends that will make it big.

Trends in the gaming industry you must check out

 There’s some really good cutting-edge technology in store for 2022, so let’s look at them without any further ado.

AR and VR are more likely to pick up the pace

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With the way things are currently going on in the gaming market, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are definitely going to garner more attention. The number at present is pretty impressive, but they don’t do any justice to the potential that these technologies hold. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that up till now, there is no solid alternative that has come up that can truly replace the immersive first-person gaming experience. So, out of the trending gaming technologies in 2022, a recent report has given an 18.5 CAGR prediction for the AR and VR market between 2021 and 2026. By the year 2026, the market is expected to touch $11 million. AR is also expected to exponentially increase in the mobile gaming market, and this will potentially increase the usage of head-mounted displays.

The emergence of Web 3.0 and metaverse

 With Metaverse stepping into the field of gaming trends, the whole world of gaming is about to change. There is limitless potential in the Metaverse. Ever since Facebook announced the changing of its name to Meta, the world appears to have gone crazy about the concept. The biggest games and franchises out there are going to repurpose their content to make them Metaverse-friendly. Even though there will be some people who still want to log in to the older version of Call of Duty and shoot down their opponents, there may be others who want more from the game, like socializing, chatting or some form of shared interaction that the Metaverse promises to offer.

Cloud gaming continues to expand

 Ever since gaming came into existence, people have found the necessity to upgrade to the latest version every couple of years so that they can stay updated. But that situation might be nearing its end as most of the big players in the industry are now offering their services through cloud subscriptions. This will ensure that gamers do not have to continuously buy and upgrade their hardware and spend lots of money. Moreover, coupled with the 5G technology, the cloud gaming feature could ensure that the cloud data center reaches even more people. All in all, it could point us to a world where soon, home gaming systems will no longer exist and pave the way for a cloud-based gaming future.

An explosion of play-to-earn games

Making money from games is not anything new, but previously, it lacked the technological advancements it does now. Today, it has the platform and protocols in the form of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Here, if you take part in the games, you will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies like Axie Infinity, for example, which has millions of users logging in every day. There are people earning $250 upwards every day – and that is definitely a decent amount of income.



The gaming population has undergone an exponential rise in the last few years. This means that with the increase in gaming technology advancements, plenty of new players will be entering the market. But are all these advancements the best we can ask for from the industry? Of course not. The future is never predictable, and the gaming universe is always undergoing change. There are new games coming up in the blink of an eye, and thus, you never know what other trends will come up by the time 2022 ends. If you are an avid gamer, you must always strive to stay on top of these trends. It is assumed that by the time we reach 2024, half of the world’s population will possess at least one game on their mobile phone, so let’s see what the industry has in store for us.


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