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This is now the fastest-selling British computer in history (and it’s tiny)

by LLB Reporter
19th Feb 15 9:37 am

It costs as little as £24 and more than five million have been sold


It’s the size of a credit card and named after a delicious fruit.

(No, not an Apple.)

Meet Raspberry Pi, the tiny low-cost computer that has just become the fastest-selling British computer in history.

More than five million of the little tykes have been sold since it was launched in 2012, meaning it is faster-selling than Amstrad’s computers (though Amstrad has still sold more in total: eight million between 1984 and 1997).

What exactly is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi looks like a rather rudimentary circuit board, but you plug it into a TV screen or a computer monitor, stick a normal mouse in the side, and away you go.

It costs as little as £24.

Raspberry Pi was developed by Eben Upton, Rob Mullins, Jack Lang and Alan Mycroft, based at the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory.

They were worried that not enough children were learning how to code nor embracing computing.

So they decided to tackle the problem.

Raspberry Pi was born, along with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity that furthers adult and child education in computing and science subjects.

We think its work is completely brilliant, so if you have five minutes to spare, read more about it here.

Here’s what the Raspberry Pi team have to say about today’s news

“Three years ago today, I was sitting at my kitchen table stuffing stickers into envelopes (we were selling them for a pound a throw to raise the money we needed to kick off the original round of manufacture). Today, I’m sitting in an office with nineteen other people, and if I’m quite honest, we’re not quite sure how we got so far so fast. It definitely feels good, though.

“The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity. That means that we personally don’t make a profit from the Pi – all profits go straight back into our educational mission and into R&D. Your five million purchases mean that we’re able to train teachers for free; provide free educational resources; undertake educational outreach; fund open-source projects like XBMC (now Kodi), PyPyLibavPixman, Wayland/Weston, SqueakScratch, Webkit and KiCad; and – for me, most importantly – we fund this sort of thing (and much more; you’ll hear more about projects we’ve sponsored with our education fund over the coming year, as they get written up by their owners).

“Thank you. The Raspberry Pi community is a wonderful thing, and we’d be absolutely nowhere without you all.”


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