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Theresa May slams ‘incomprehensible’ travel restrictions despite vaccines

10th Jun 21 4:20 pm

The former Conservative leader, Theresa May has slammed Boris Johnson’s travel restrictions and warned that freedoms are being withheld as following the high vaccine success rate.

May savaged the Prime Minister and told MPs in the Commons that the government must be “upfront” with Brits as to what the future will be.

She said that “we will not eradicate” coronavirus from the UK and warned people living in the UK will “never be able to travel abroad again” if MPs continue to argue that travel can never reopen until there are no new variants.

May was speaking during the general debate over the travel and tourism and aviation sectors and savaged the government over their failure to act on their promises made from June 2020 to reach an international agreed standard of health measures.

May told MPs, “One year on, we are no further forward indeed, what we have is a devastated industry, jobs lost and global Britain shut for business. More than not being any further forward, we’ve gone backwards.

“We now have over 50% of the adult population vaccinated, a wonderful programme, yet we’re more restricted on travel than we were last year.

“In 2020, I went to Switzerland in August, South Korea in September, there was no vaccine and travel was possible, this year there is a vaccine, travel is not possible.

“I really don’t understand the stance the government is taking.”

The Conservative MP added, “I think there are some facts the Government needs to be upfront with the British people about and ministers need to think a bit more of when making these decisions.

“First, we will not eradicate Covid-19 from the UK. There will not be a time when we can say that there will never be another case of Covid-19 in this country.

“Secondly, variants will keep on coming. There will be new variants every year.

“If the government’s position is that we cannot open up travel until there are no new variants elsewhere in the world then we will never be able to travel abroad ever again.

“And the third fact that the government needs to state much more clearly is that sadly people will die from Covid here in the UK in the future, as 10,000 to 20,000 people do every year from flu.”

May warned that the government must “decide whether it wants an airline industry and aviation sector” in the UK.

She added,“It is incomprehensible that one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world is one that is most reluctant to give its citizens the freedoms those vaccinations should support.”

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