Theresa May is to seek younger voters by offering a freeze on tuition fees and help to buy scheme


Will the party win the younger vote?

The Conservative Party start their conference Sunday, in Manchester, Theresa May is focusing efforts to win the younger voter by extending the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme and freezing tuition fees until 2019.

May said further said that by freezing the £9,250 tuition fees, she will raise repaying the university by £4,000, which will help graduates by £30 a month, she said.

With the Help to Buy scheme to help young people on to the housing ladder, May will commit an extra £10bn to the scheme. However, only the highest earning graduates, could possibly benefit.

This will be interesting to see how the younger voters will vote as May is trying to compete against Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

The institute executive director of Sam Bowman, Adam Smith said: “The property market is totally dysfunctional because supply is so tightly constrained by planning rules, and adding more demand without improving the supply of houses is just going to raise house prices and make homes more unaffordable for people who don’t qualify for the Help to Buy subsidy.”