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Theresa May faces another defeat over her Brexit deal

by LLB Politics Reporter
15th May 19 12:03 pm

The prime minister has been warned that she will face another defeat over her Brexit deal.

Theresa May promised to bring legislation into law in the first week of June before the Commons.

However, Steve Baker the former Brexit minister questioned May’s decision to bring in the legislation as she has a “failed deal.”

Baker said, “If the Brexit Party were demanding we pass this Withdrawal Agreement, a vote might just make sense.

“But they aren’t. Quite the reverse.

“And driving it through over the heads of the DUP appears to eradicate the government’s majority.”

But, Liam Fox wanred Eurosceptics they risk Brexit never happening if they do not back May’s legislation.

Fox said to the Institute for government in London, “There will be an opportunity for MPs to decide, after local and European elections, whether they want to vote for Brexit or not.

“I think MPs will need to look and see whether they want to continue down a path that, inexorably I think, takes us to either the potential of revocation of Article 50 or leaving without a deal, and ask if that’s the best course, either democratically or economically.”

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