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The seven best SOC 2 compliance software and tools in 2024

by Sarah Dunsby
7th Jul 24 10:56 am

With cybersecurity threats on the rise and becoming more sophisticated by the day, SOC 2 compliance is becoming a real non-negotiable for businesses to assure customers and stakeholders that they take their security and data privacy seriously.  As regulations tighten up, finding the right SOC 2 tool can really smooth out the overwhelming compliance process. Let’s dive into the top seven SOC 2 compliance software and tools for 2024, each offering unique features to help businesses stay ahead in their compliance game.

  1. Scytale

Scytale is praised as the gold standard for B2B startups, offering an exceptional SOC 2 compliance solution tailored to start ups and smaller companies. With an intuitive interface and hands-on compliance guidance, the daunting task of SOC 2 compliance becomes a lot less daunting. Scytale supports you every step of the way, offering practical tools, and efficient solutions, making it the complete compliance automation package.

With features like automated evidence collection, continuous control monitoring, a customer policy builder, and seamless integration with popular tools, Scytale stands out amongst the compliance crowd. Compliance and cybersecurity protection is tricky to navigate, and these tools significantly simplify the process and reduce the workload .

  1. Zen GRC 

Zen GRC is a cloud-based platform, serving as a comprehensive all-in-one hub. From centralizing compliance, audits and risk management, to third-party risk, governance, and policy programs, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your GRC needs.

It’s praised for being fully-customizable and flexible, with the ability to tailor GRC processes to meet each company’s unique needs. This adaptability makes Zen GRC a good option for companies with complex compliance requirements. By offering a flexible framework, they can scale and evolve with the company.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Zen GRC may not be ideal for companies that heavily depend on Jira. Some clients have reported syncing issues and expressed that a more robust Jira integration would have made their compliance process more seamless.

  1. ISMS.online 

By supporting compliance and controls across more than 100 frameworks, ISMS.online stands out as a comprehensive option. The platform is said to streamline up to 81% of the compliance workload with its range of pre-built tools, frameworks, policies, and controls. ISMS.online makes use of the Assured Results Method (ASM) which simplifies the complex SOC 2 process into manageable steps, guiding clients through each one by one.

Start-ups may find ISMS.online’s approach too robust for their specific needs and unique requirements. The comprehensive functionality may be excessive for a smaller company, which could lead to unnecessary expenses down the line.

  1. Strike Graph 

With Strike Graph’s holistic approach, companies are empowered to build their compliance framework according to their own unique or distinct environment. By preparing companies for ongoing compliance and future certifications, they offer the complete solution . Thanks to their intuitive dashboards and reporting tools, companies are given full visibility into their security posture and compliance status.

However, those needing a more integrated compliance solution may find Strike Graph to hinder the compliance process. Reviews have shown that Strike Graph’s software integrations options are limited and the integration process isn’t as seamless as some of its competitors.

  1. Jupiter One

With automated evidence collection, Jupiter One stands as a cyber asset management and governance platform praised for being a massive time-saver, especially for start-ups. With deep visibility into both cloud based and on-premises assets, comprehensive asset visibility and vulnerability management are always well taken care of.

However, for startups seeking a more tailored compliance solution, Jupiter One may not be specialized enough. With its innovative approach and centralized platform, it excels in asset visibility and vulnerability management, but may fall short for those needing more focused SOC 2 guidance.

  1. Logic Manager

Logic Manager offers an integrated approach to vendor risk mitigation as a comprehensive risk management and consultancy platform. By centralizing the risk management program into an all-in-one hub, risk identification, monitoring, and reporting is always well-managed. By offering tailored training and expert consulting on best practices, their personal touch makes the compliance process more manageable.

Although Logic Manager provides extensive GRC capabilities, their main focus is on risk management and not compliance specifically.  They stand out for their broad GRC functions, but this may not be quite enough for companies looking for dedicated SOC 2 compliance tools.

  1. Protecht Group

Protecht Group integrates all aspects of IT or cybersecurity risks into one platform. Known for providing end-to-end risk management software and boasting a robust reporting library, it gives organizations the visibility needed to identify and mitigate data security and privacy risks.

Although Protecht Group provides the visibility needed to identify and mitigate severe risks, it  is not a specialized SOC 2 solution. Additional steps may be needed to configure and set up the SOC2 controls in comparison to competitors with more focused and specialized tools.

So, there you have it. There’s no doubt that navigating compliance can be a bit of a maze, and it’s hard to know where to start when selecting the right tool. It all boils down to an organization’s specific needs, size and compliance goals. Once you find your match, your SOC 2 compliance journey should be a breeze. That means you can kick back, impress your customers with your A-game, and cruise through with confidence!

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