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The rise of Instagram shopping, reels and guides

27th Nov 20 10:39 am

Social media is paramount to the influencer marketing industry, however one platform in particular is continuing to take the industry by storm. Instagram has become the ultimate tool for influencer marketing, and now, the platform is adding brand new features to the app.

With the additions of a shopping feature, alongside reels, guides and stories, Instagram can be used efficiently for both brands and influencers. Continuing to provide them with a way to create innovative content and encourage purchasing decisions, Instagram has had quite the impact on the influencer marketing industry.

Amelia Neate, Senior Manager at Influencer Matchmaker, has explained why brands and influencers should turn their attentions to Instagram and utilise its brand-new features.

Instagram shifting into the ecommerce space

Gone are the days of sharing photos of our not-so picture-perfect evening meals with a rather dramatic filter. Today, Instagram feeds are carefully curated to match the seasons and more often than not, provides a genuine reflection of our lives.

And over time, Instagram has become a platform that many of its users go to for inspiration, in whatever capacity. Whether it’s fashion, beauty or food, Instagram has something to offer everybody.

The way in which people consume social media has changed, and with that, brands must change and adapt, too. People are more cautious about where their money goes and consider their purchasing decisions in much more detail.

People are spending more time on social media, an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes a day, to be more precise. Consumers are using these platforms to make informed decisions about potential purchases, and with 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery, it makes sense for Instagram to shift into an ecommerce space.

The latest Instagram update allows users to shop products via photos and videos and provides users with a variety of features that are tailored to existing behaviours.

The new shopping features are a great addition to the influencer marketing industry, for both brands and influencers.

For brands, they will be able to tag products that are featured in their images and videos, allowing their followers to shop directly from their favourite brands. This feature allows brands to be much more precise when it comes to sharing products as well as encouraging sales.

The same is currently available for creators in the US, and will presumably roll out across the UK soon. This feature will completely change the game for ecommerce, social media and influencer marketing.

Instagram Shopping provides users with the ability to make a purchase almost immediately. Users from around the world have seen a rather drastic change in the layout of the app, including a dedicated homepage to the all-new shopping feature.

After the turbulent times that businesses have experienced this year, Instagram Shopping is a great way for brands to promote their products and services and in turn, increase sales and revenue. For brands that have utilised this feature, shoppable Instagram posts have increased traffic for brands by 1,415% and some brands have even seen a revenue increase of 20%.

Instagram Shopping, paired with other features including Reels and Stories, has allowed the app to take centre stage within the ecommerce space.

The app will also continue as a source of inspiration for many with users able to ‘Browse Shops’, ‘See Editors Picks’, ‘Explore Guides’ and ‘Shop Collections’, making the process much more streamlined.

Due to the lack of social interaction throughout 2020, consumers are turning to online shopping to add a hint of excitement, personalisation and normality to their lives, and Instagram Shopping provides exactly that.

The benefits of Instagram Stories

As well as the all-new shopping feature that has been introduced to Instagram, another feature that has been around for quite some time is Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a great tool for influencer marketing, particular for raising awareness of brands and products as well as increasing sales.

Today, social media users are much more likely to engage with content that is visual and easy to digest, which is why Instagram Stories has become so popular.

Not only is it a great way for influencers to engage with their followers, but it’s a truly effective way for brands and influencers to collaborate. Instagram accounts with over 10,000 followers are able to add a direct swipe up link, encouraging consumers to make a purchase or allowing them to find out more information.

Instagram Stories also creates a deeper connection between the audience and the influencer or brand. By utilising other features such as the question stickers and polls, this allows consumers to feel much more involved and in turn, more likely to make a purchase.

Be one step ahead with Reels

Instagram is completely ahead of the game and is continuing to roll out new and innovative features to the app, and Reels is one of its latest additions.

Reels allow users of the app to create videos up to 30-seconds long with fun edits, sounds and effects.

Providing both brands and influencers with a new way to produce fun and exciting content that is quick and easy for consumers to digest, Reels also gives them an opportunity to reach a new kind of audience.

Reels will also make the most innovative and creative online creators stand out from the crowd, putting them at the forefront of both consumers and brands. This will create a new surge of social media influencers, and open up a new wave of Instagram influencer marketing and brand collaborations.

Instagram is going in a brand-new direction, and one that is totally different from any other social media platform around.

Brands and influencers are always looking for new ways to collaborate together or seeking fresh ways to promote an influencer marketing campaign, and Instagram is continuing to shape new trends with the industry, providing just that.

Instagram is here to stay and it’s going to take a lot to knock it from the top spot.

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