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The perks of virtual phone numbers for your business

by John Saunders
2nd Aug 21 1:44 pm

A virtual phone number is not directly connected to any telephone line or device. Therefore, you can operate it with any device; a physical handset, a desktop software application, or a mobile phone. While normal phone numbers operate on single lines and calls made to that number go via one phone line until the other end of the call, virtual phone numbers do not have such a limitation.

For example, having a virtual SMS number in Australia means you can still answer calls and conduct your business from anywhere globally without the need to exist where the virtual number belongs physically. These days, you do not need physical telephone lines in your business to facilitate or answer calls, thanks to technology. Here is why virtual phone numbers are a pretty neat feature for the growth of your business.

Run your business smoothly

Many businesses that need 24/7 availability on one line find virtual phone numbers helpful in helping them run smoothly. Having a virtual phone number for your workplace enables you to keep in touch with your business callers regardless of where you are in the world. Clients can contact you through your virtual phone number without knowing your location.

A lower probability of missing calls

A good thing about virtual phone numbers is that the call gets routed to whatever device you have available at hand, whether it is your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. That means you are likely never to miss calls because they are transferred to the device you are more likely to answer from first.

Multiple device diversion

Another advantage of virtual phone numbers is that you can choose several device diversions. That means you can divert calls you are unable to answer at the moment to several employees. Whoever is free can answer the call; therefore, customers don’t have to try different lines to reach your business.


It is possible to route regional and international calls to virtual phone numbers through toll-free internet links. That means you can answer incoming customer calls from outside the country at no additional cost to the organisation. You can also reach your customers from anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices at no extra charges. Using virtual phone numbers together with call logging also enables you to monitor call costs closely. You can watch who called when and where and at what cost.

Additionally, virtual phone numbers are less expensive to maintain than conventional ones. Despite how many numbers you purchase or implement, you only pay for a single connection. With a good internet connection, subscribing to a virtual phone number is way more cost-effective.

Moreover, virtual phone numbers are compatible with available mobile phones, desktop handsets, and smartphones, so you can integrate new features and services without the need to invest in a new telephone system or handsets.

A wide range of features and services

A virtual phone number comes with a wide range of features and services to help you boost your business efficiency. Some of them include call forwarding, integration with email and SMS, call attendants, call conferencing, etc. Furthermore, you can implement internal extension numbers for your staff anywhere globally if the hosted solution is operated in the cloud.

Enhances privacy

When you decide to use a virtual phone number for your business, you can hide your original number and communicate with clients from all around the world without revealing your private information. It helps you minimise the risks of exposing your location to malicious people and avoid many scams that most organisations fall into. With a virtual phone number, you are assured of your privacy since you don’t have to use your local number.

The bottom line

As physical offices begin to get obsolete these days, virtual phone numbers are quickly dominating the business world and providing the most needed efficiency.

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