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The only way to get rid of Putin is if his ‘Generals remove him’ as ‘they were kept in the dark’ over war with Ukraine

8th Mar 22 4:05 pm

A former British Army officer has said the only way to stop Vladimir Putin’s regime is if his own “Generals will remove him” as they do have the power to do so.

Colonel Tim Collins said the world’s best hope will be if those in the Kremlin break ranks to topple the despot leader before the war escalated into World War Three.

Collins told GB News, “Well I think that the big hope that we have, ultimately is that it will be the Generals who actually remove Putin.

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“They remove him on the basis that it’s his war, not the war of the Russian people.

“And they remove him on the basis that they were lied to, they were kept in the dark any failures being blamed on… We weren’t told we weren’t briefed.

“You know you kept it to yourself and then you expect us to work miracles, so hopefully there will be a fracture within the Kremlin, that’s our best hope.

Collins added, “To end this before we stagger towards any talk of an air exclusion zone which is effectively a declaration of war.

“And this happened in the second world war, there was a famous conversation between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.

“Where we bought American airplanes but they said you can’t come and get them, but we’ll push them to the Canadian border, and you can come and pull the over.

“That’s before they’d gone to war with Japan, these are the sort of stakes that we’re facing at the moment.

He continued, “Because, war with Russia could escalate to nuclear war, war with Russia could ultimately lead to war with China.

“A proper global conflict, we don’t want that, we need to buy time, we hope the Generals will remove him.”

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