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The biggest risk to the world economy, according to Osborne

by LLB Reporter
2nd Feb 15 3:50 pm

Will your business be affected?


Whatever you think of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, he definitely knows more about economic risk than most.

When George Osborne says something poses a threat to world stability, you listen.

So here’s what he said on Monday afternoon, after his meeting with Greece’s new finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis:

“We had a constructive discussion, and it is clear that the stand-off between Greece and the eurozone is the greatest risk to the global economy.”

That’s about as unequivocal as you can get in political rhetoric.

George Osborne

Osborne is clearly also worried about the impact on Britain of how the austerity/anti-austerity stand-off will play out, as Germany and Greece entrench themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield.

“I urge the Greek finance minister to act responsibly but it’s also important that the eurozone has a better plan for jobs and growth,” Osborne said, as reported by Reuters.

“It is a rising threat to the British economy. And we have got to make sure that in Europe as in Britain, we choose competence over chaos.”

For you readers, Osborne’s warning should be of particular note if you do business with or export to the eurozone.

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