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Tech advancement in eSports

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24th Aug 21 11:04 am

Now the game is considered a competition full of prestige. How can the competition directly not involve individuals or groups but the state? Since the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, it is proof that eSport has entered the realm of the sports industry. Many people are getting confused because they think gaming is considered a time-wasting activity, and now many people think this is a sport.

The early history of e-Sports

Many think that the e-Sport virus began to see its reverberation during the internet outbreak. ESports started to become prominent in the 70s when the pong game appeared. With the concept of an arcade game, it could bewitch young people into playing the game. Arcade battles became one of the fiercest competitions to become a prize competition.

The rising prestige of arcade games seems to be a magnet for TV stations and magazines in reporting on them. The USA has a program that explicitly shows arcade games with a TV program called Starcade. Episodes that aired and spoiled the eyes of viewers reached 133 episodes.

In the ’90s, the leading game companies from Japan began to be familiar with games. At that time, arcade games were considered inflexible. Console games are a new era of games that can play without having to stand up and make your calves cramp.  I can play it at home and with more variety of games.

As a testament to the fans who played big, in the 90s, an eSport championship created by Nintendo was born called the Nintendo World Championship in the USA with prize money and Nintendo devices. That was the first step because many countries were affected by the e-sport virus even though it was still limited to arcade games. It’s as if eSports have become fun entertainment and bring blessings to gamers.

The next stage is the PC era which began to connect to the internet, originally from a game and considered a real eSport game, namely Netrek. Better graphics have several tactics (real-time strategy) capable of connecting people from any part of the world.

Since then, eSport games have been considered an annual sport that can gather gamers to test their abilities. The prizes continue to increase and will be a stepping stone for developing various games in the future.

Why could gaming be a sports category

Similar to racing or horse racing, where objects (motorcycles/cars) and racing animals work. The athlete climbs and rides it. Racing is classified as a sport. The athletes selected were super, with strenuous exercises such as core endurance, balance, and coordination. Naturally, racing athletes have a huge fee compared to today’s popular sports.

They are turning to the game, almost similar to racing athletes, because they have special abilities. It’s not just a rental child because rival eSports have relatively high hours. It takes skill, tactics, decision making, and of course, mental. Athletes need relatively quick hand-eye coordination and fast-paced decision making if he or his team is knocked out.

Several e-Sport games compete in this type. Starting from Fighting Games, first-person shooter (FPS), Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Sports Games, and Racing. At the Asian Games, there are several well-known games played by several countries. 

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Billion-dollar industry

The esports industry is predicted to become a billion-dollar industry in the next few years. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more parties are interested in investing in the realm of competitive gaming. Throughout 2019, the total investment in esports reached US$2 billion, according to a report by The Esport Observer. Indeed, that figure is down when compared to the total investment in 2018, which reached US$4.5 billion. Even so, the number of transactions that occurred rose 24 percent to 141 in 2019 compared to 2018. In addition, in 2018, two significant investments made total investment skyrocket.

The first was Tencent’s investment in Chinese streaming services, Huya and Douyu, in Q1 2018. At that time, Tencent also invested in online game publishers and operator Shanda Games. The total investment value of Tencent exceeded US $ 1.5 billion.

Esports athletes income in a month

Taking e-sports can bring in a large number of rupiah coffers. A professional esports athlete is said to be able to earn up to hundreds of USD every month. Based on Liquipedia data, Hansel is a professional CS: GO player from Indonesia who is currently under the auspices of the United States and South Korea e-sports team, namely Gen.G E-sports. He got 10.000 USD every month.

Esports team members usually benefit from their engagement with viewers who watch live streaming on various platforms, such as Twitch, NimoTV, and Bigo. It doesn’t stop there, and it can also obtain additional income from multiple “side jobs” occupied by athletes, such as endorsements as key opinion leaders (KOL) or influencers.


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