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‘Stealth Omicron’ is 33% more transmissible as cases double and is spreading fast

by LLB staff reporter
1st Feb 22 11:47 am

Cases of the new “Stealth Omicron” is spreading fast in the UK and over the past two days cases have doubled.

A new study has found the new variant is 33% more transmissible and as of last Friday the UK’s genetic sequencing found there to be 4,294 cases.

On Monday 24 January there was just 1,431 cases of the new Covid variant four days earlier from Friday 28 January.

The sub variant of Omicron called BA.2 has become dominant in Denmark which is now the epicentre and has taken over from BA.1 which is the original Omicron strain.

Lead study author Frederik Plesner, of Copenhagen University, said, “If you have been exposed to Omicron BA.2 in your household, you have 39% probability of being infected within seven days.

“If you instead had been exposed to BA.1, the probability is 29%.

“We conclude that Omicron BA.2 is inherently substantially more transmissible than BA.1, and that it also possesses immune-evasive properties that further reduce the protective effect of vaccination against infection.”

The new sub variant BA.2 cases have been registered in the US, Sweden and Norway, but these countries do not have high cases as Denmark, where it accounts for roughly 82% of cases.

The UK Health Security Agency confirmed on Friday that the BA.2 has a “substantial” growth advantage over BA.1, which is the original Omicron variant.

UKHSA chief medical adviser Dr Susan Hopkins said, “We now know that BA.2 has an increased growth rate which can be seen in all regions in England.

“We have also learnt that BA.2 has a slightly higher secondary attack rate than BA.1 in households.

“Although hospitalisations and deaths remain low, cases are still high in some areas and some age groups so it’s important that we continue to act cautiously as restrictions are lifted.”

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