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Standing-only escalators get scrapped

8th Mar 17 9:00 am

What happened?

Transport for London has come to the decision to scrap its standing-only escalators scheme, it went through a six-month pilot.

The trial was held at Holborn and passengers were asked to refrain from standing on the right and were instructed to walk on the left instead.

The move was put in place to help ease crowds during peak times of the day.

A Freedom of Information Request showed that at peak times within the trial, station capacity was increased by a total of 30 per cent. As well as this congestion had been reduced.

According to the study, the escalators were able to carry 151 passengers per minute, this is compared with 115 on the “traditional” escalator.

However, this scheme will not be trialed any further.

Mark Evers, director of customer strategy for London Underground, spoke of how the scheme was a “success” but added: “Although there are no current plans to trial this scheme more widely, initiatives to make customer journeys quicker and more comfortable are constantly being tested across the TfL network.”

“As London’s population grows, developing potential solutions to reduce congestion will ensure that our customers continue to receive the best possible service.”


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