Home Business News Special Forces destroy a ‘autonomous observation tower’ in mainland Russia using a ‘kamikaze drone’

Special Forces destroy a ‘autonomous observation tower’ in mainland Russia using a ‘kamikaze drone’

by LLB political Reporter
6th Mar 23 2:52 pm

Ukrainian Special Forces have “destroyed” a key Russian “observation tower” in mainland Russia using “a kamikaze drone” which will anger Vladimir Putin.

The Ukrainian Special Forces who are part of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine’s Defence Ministry are known as Kraken.

The group announced on Monday that they have destroyed the Grenadier autonomous observation tower.

They said on their Telegram channel, “Using a kamikaze drone, the intelligence forces of the Kraken special unit destroyed the Grenadier autonomous observation tower in Bryansk Oblast.”

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Putin has ordered the Russian security services to step up with their intelligence and stop “sabotage groups” from entering the country which has seen a series of explosions in mainland Russia.

President Putin told the FSB to stop the illegal weapons from entering the Russian Federation and to bolster the maximum security in the four annexed regions of eastern Ukraine.

Putin accused Western intelligence of always being active in Russia and that they have “thrown additional personnel, technical and other resources against us.

“We need to respond accordingly,” to the West’s actions.

This comes as Ukraine warned on Monday that it “is possible” they could target sites “on Russian territory” as Kyiv are preparing for their spring counteroffensive.

Ukraine Deputy Military Intelligence chief, Vadym Skibitsky warned, “It is possible that we will also destroy arms depots or military equipment on Russian territory, for example around the city of Belgorod.

“Attacks on Ukraine will be launched from there.”

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