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Six office cleaning tips for the busy bee

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18th Oct 21 4:00 pm

For many of us, our lives revolve around our work. Some of us may even have two or more jobs to support our lifestyle, and any distraction from your work is bound to cause you some stress.

However, you can’t go around with a filthy office. You may be working hard, but your body is working hard to suppress your allergies or fend off the germs from making you sick. While you may not have time to clean the office, it is an essential part of your office routine, as your health is at stake.

Here are a couple of office cleaning tips for the busy bee that won’t take up much time or effort on your part. You’ll have a fresh, clean office but without the hassle!

1. Dry clean your office fabrics

You barely have time to wash your clothes, let alone wash the fabrics in the office. Office curtains, chair cushions, sofa covers, and carpeting can all get musty and smelly over time. Instead of washing them, you may get away with dry cleaning them instead.

Take a large garbage bag or any sturdy container, and place your office fabrics inside. Make sure the container isn’t too packed, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to shake it up. Sprinkle some baking soda and a few drops of essential oil into the container, and keep shaking until you see the fabrics are completely covered in baking soda.

Dust off the baking soda, and you should have some clean, deodorised office fabrics that can postpone your laundry schedule for at least a week or two.

2. Vacuum your office daily

While vacuuming daily may sound troublesome, it helps in reducing the amount of dust and debris that builds up in your office, especially if you have carpeted flooring. Keep your floors clean with a daily vacuuming, and get your space spruced up by using the surface attachment found in most vacuum cleaners.

Use a cordless vacuum cleaner if your office is small. You can charge it up while you work, then use it afterwards for a completely hassle-free cleaning!

3. Minimise desk items as much as possible

It’s simple logic – the more items you have on your desk, the more items you need to clean up by the end of the week. As much as possible, minimise the things that you store on your desk, especially trinkets you don’t use often and just accumulate dust while they’re in your office.

Keep only the most important and frequently used items at a convenient reach, and store everything else in a shelf, cabinet, or storage bag to lessen the dust that goes around your items. For the items that you need to have at hand, make sure to wipe them clean every so often so dust doesn’t accumulate.

4. Get a professional service for hassle-free cleaning

For the busy worker who doesn’t even have time to dust their office weekly, a professional cleaning service is the way to go. Many reputable cleaning companies offer their services at an affordable rate, and you’ll feel good knowing that your place is clean and sanitised.

You can opt to have regular cleaning services around the office if you work in a large space with multiple co-workers, or scheduled cleaning every now and then just for some upkeep when you have a small space that doesn’t get dirty often.

For offices in Singapore, we recommend Luce Office cleaning services, as they are readily available anywhere in the country, and have a wide array of cleaning services that tailor to any office. You can check out their website here: https://www.luceoffice.sg/

5. Download a disk-cleaning app

You may not know that your hard drive is storing data cache and cookies that accumulate over time and slow down your computer. Most of these are used to track data inflow from websites and other applications that use them to analyse their market standing. However, to your personal computer, they are not often useful and simply create data clutter.

There are plenty of apps online that you can download, and use to clear the unnecessary clutter from your computer. Research on applicable apps for your operating system, and go through reviews to find one that will help you re-organise your files and data. These apps usually work behind the scenes, so you can work while you clean up your hard drive!

These apps will remove any unwanted files and data from your computer, without meddling with the operating system. You don’t have to worry about deleting important files, as the apps can distinguish the essential data from the non-essential data.

6. Delete old files

Cache and cookies aren’t the only ones cluttering your computer and taking up essential disk space. Old files that you’ve probably forgotten about are taking up space on your computer, slowing it down. Finding and deleting unwanted files will take a while, so best to schedule clean up on a weekend.

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