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Six good reasons to invest in a diesel generator

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26th Aug 19 8:37 am

There are reasons why more and more homeowners and business owners are installing diesel generators. A diesel generator is a power generating unit which converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Diesel generators are essential for industrial and commercial establishments that need backup power as absence of electricity can lead to huge revenue losses for them.

Therefore, it’s critical for them to have backup power in times of need. Even residential complexes are seen to have diesel generators. The most popular kind diesel generators nowadays are the silent ones. A Silent Diesel Generator (DG) is convenient, economical, powerful, and most importantly, noise-free. Here are some of the good reasons to invest in a diesel generator.

1. Fuel efficiency:

Diesel generators definitely have huge advantages as compared to other power backup facilities like petrol or gas generators, and battery inverters. Diesel is much more economical than gasoline or petrol. The running cost per hour of a diesel generator is much lesser than that of a petrol generator. Moreover, they are fuel-efficient and are able to produce more electricity per liter of diesel than other generators.

2. Low maintenance cost:

Diesel generators usually do not have any spark plugs in their engine, while in other types of generators, these parts require regular maintenance and replacement. The absence of spark plugs in diesel generators means they are extremely hassle-free and require low maintenance. Therefore, investing in a diesel generator can save you on maintenance costs.

3. Efficient power generation:

Establishments like hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and food processing plants must have a steady and efficient source of power for their machinery, equipment, and productivity. Heavy-duty diesel generators are designed to be long-lasting and efficient. Their sturdy and rugged design makes them ideal to operate under difficult conditions.

4. Heavy loads for longer durations:

Engines of diesel generators are engineered to take heavy loads for long durations. Off the grid sites where reliable power supply is required for a long time, these generators are perfect. It can provide sufficient power while a power grid has gone down for some reason. That’s why it can be used in place of an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), allowing airports to continue working their systems, hospitals to use their devices, and transport ships to have access of navigation. It has ability to operate under heavy loads and is used as backup power in large buildings, and construction sites.

5. Variety:

A wide range of diesel generators is available in the market from 5 KVA to 2250 KVA. You can easily select and purchase a model depending on your requirements. Diesel generators rating 5-30 KW are typically used in homes and residential complexes. Industries need a wider spectrum of power ratings from 30 KW to 6 Megawatts.

6. Low noise:

Silent diesel generators are made to create minimal noise. They cause minimum vibrations, and their enclosures are designed to be soundproof. This makes them ideal to operate in residential areas, and they are environmentally friendly.

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