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Six expectations every employee has of a modern business

by John Saunders
26th Apr 22 3:09 pm

Every business has a clear set of rules laid out that tell them what to expect from their employees. The businesses may not know it, but each employee holds a set of expectations in regard to the business they work for, too. So, with that being said, keep reading to find out 6 expectations that every employee has of a modern business.

1. Opportunities for growth

Research shows that employees who don’t feel that their professional development is taken seriously are three times more likely to begin searching for a new job.

When searching for a new job it’s common for interviewers to state that they’re looking for someone who wants chances to learn and grow. Employees are also looking for this and have come to expect opportunities for career development from their employers as the bare minimum.

2. Independence

There’s nothing worse than working in an environment where you don’t feel trusted to do your job. More and more employees are expecting to be given the autonomy to have control of their own work, providing it gets done by the deadline.

When businesses as a whole refrain from watching over the shoulders of their employees, they send the message that they trust their staff to perform their jobs well.

3. Acknowledgement

Nobody’s asking for the world to stop turning each time they complete a task, but employees do expect to receive recognition for the effort they put into their work. Just a little “thank you” is enough to show some appreciation.

The implementation of employee rewards is another great way for businesses to acknowledge their mployees.

4. Professional onboarding experiences

The first couple of days at a company usually sums up what the entire experience of being with that company will be like. These days, a positive onboarding experience is expected rather than seen as a bonus.

From the minute an employee walks through the door, they’ll be making impressions about a business based on everything around them, even down to the way they’re spoken to by other employees.

5. Work-life balance

Since the coronavirus pandemic and the rise in hybrid or remote working, employees have been expecting businesses to be more flexible when it comes to their working hours. Again, employees aren’t expecting the rules to be altered so they can sit at home every day of the week, but they are looking for businesses to show that they’ve considered the benefits of helping their employees to maintain a healthier work-life balance.

6. A strong sense of purpose

Modern employees are driven by more than a paycheck – they want to know that they’re a part of something meaningful. Most businesses have a mission statement or a set of goals they want their employees to adhere to during their time with the company which reminds these employees that their work has an impact and that everyone is working towards a common goal, all of which are great motivators.

Now that businesses have a clearer idea of the sorts of things expected of them from their employees, it should be much easier to meet these expectations and retain their employees.


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