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Scotland could impose new restrictions as Delta cases rise which will move to parts the UK soon

31st Aug 21 2:11 pm

Scotland is seeing a sharp rise in infections with high numbers being admitted to hospital including people being sent to intensive care.

Scotland’s national clinical director, Professor Jason Leitch has warned that they might have to “reverse gear” on freedoms due to soaring cases.

Hospitality businesses are very concerned that restrictions could be back in place without warning.

Professor Leitch told the BBC that Scotland may have to “turn off bits of society” as the weekly infection rate has risen by almost 80% in a week.

Scottish Hospitality Group spokesman Stephen Montgomery has demanded answers and he told The Scotsman, “You can’t come out with a comment like that and not back it up.”

He added, “It’s all very cloak and dagger, what are these sectors of society?

“It’s a major worry.”

However, Professor Leitch warned the Delta spread was “depressingly predictable,” and “if you allow people to come together, the virus finds a way.”

He said that Scotland it as a “fragile moment” and said the crisis will move to other parts of the UK very soon.

Last week Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said she does not want to go back into a lockdown, but she will not rule out imposing restrictions.

She said, “I don’t want to pre-empt any decision that might or might not and I hope will not have to be taken about the imposition of the restrictions.

“But if we, all of us, take the basic precautions right now that we know can slow this virus, then I hope no re-imposition of restrictions will be necessary.

“But I also know that no sensible First Minister, in the face of an infectious virus, would rule anything out, because protecting the population has to be the priority.”

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