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Scientists say coronavirus is going no where and will keep returning

by LLB Reporter
3rd Jun 20 4:11 pm

Experts have warned that coronavirus will become a seasonal outbreak and will not disappear, and said preparations must be made each winter.

The World Health Organization (WHO) have warned a second wave of the virus is set to return again this autumn, whilst scientists said, “Wintertime is Covid-19 time.”

Professor Michale Ward from the University of Sydney told The Sun newspaper, “Covid-19 is likely to be a seasonal disease that recurs in periods of lower humidity.

“We need to be thinking if it’s wintertime, it could be Covid-19 time.”

He added, “When it comes to climate, we found that lower humidity is the main driver here, rather than colder temperatures.

“It means we may see an increased risk in winter here, when we have a drop in humidity.

“But in the northern hemisphere, in areas with lower humidity or during periods when humidity drops, there might be a risk even during the summer months.

“So, vigilance must be maintained.”

He warned that when the humidity is lower the air is a lot dryer, therefore aerosols remain in the air for longer, warning if the humidity reduced by just 1% virus cases could increase by 6%.

Professor Ward said, “Even though the cases of Covid-19 have gone down in Australia, we still need to be vigilant and public health systems need to be aware of potentially increased risk when we are in a period of low humidity.

“Ongoing testing and surveillance remain critical as we enter the winter months, when conditions may favour coronavirus spread.”

Director for the WHO European region, Dr Hans Kluge told the Telegraph, “I’m very concerned about a double wave in the fall [Autumn], we could have a second wave of Covid and another one of seasonal flu or measles.”

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