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Russian fighters call on Wagner to ‘switch to Ukraine’s side’ and ‘march on Moscow’ to ‘eliminate Putin’

by LLB political Reporter
26th Aug 23 4:26 pm

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RVA) are one of two groups of defectors from Vladimir Putin’s army are calling on Wagner fighters to join them to take their revenge against Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s assassination.

Prigozhin was killed after a “air-defense missile” shot the wing of his private jet killing all ten onboard including Dmitry Utkin the co-founder of Wagner Group.

RVA Commander Denis Kapustin, spoke to Wagner troops, he said, “You are facing a serious choice now, you can stand in a stall of Russia’s defense ministry and serve as watchdogs for executors of your commanders or take revenge.

To take revenge you need to switch to Ukraine’s side.”

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Kapustin added that there are conditions to join the RVA, only Wagner Group members who had “not committed war crimes” will be eligible to “join our ranks.

Kapustin continued, asking the mercenaries to join them and complete the “meat grinder” of a war together before “we’ll march on Moscow.

The second rebel group, Legion Svoboda, or the Freedom of Russia Legion, who are strongly opposed to Putin’s leadership are also calling for the assassination of the Russian despot.

The movement said, “As long as Putin is breathing, the world is in danger,” referencing Prigozhin’s death.

Adding, “Now everything depends exclusively on the anti-Putin coalition, of which the Legion and the Freedom of Russia Movement are a part.”

The Freedom of Russia Legion overtly claimed the private jet had been “destroyed by an air-defense missile.”

They added that the incident provides one “simple conclusion,” that “no one can reach an agreement with Putin.

“It is high time for the West to give up this illusion.

“Anyone [he] can reach is a resource in his maniacal game.”

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