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Putin is ‘by no means safe and secure in the Kremlin’ as closest aides slam his ‘complete failure’ in Ukraine

by LLB political Reporter
21st Aug 23 3:46 pm

Vladimir Putin is no longer “safe and secure” in the Kremlin as his closest aides are now turning on him over his “complete failure” in the Ukraine war.

The Russian Army have continuously struggled since the war started almost 17 months ago which has seen more than 270,000 of Putin’s troops either killed or injured.

The writing is clearly on the walls for Putin as there are clear signs there is trouble brewing in the Kremlin and amongst his inner circle as seen in the failed coup in Moscow by the Wagner chief.

Ukraine is constantly penetrating Russian air defences and have successfully blown up key and strategic sites which has been met with much concern amongst Kremlin officials.

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The constant supply of sophisticated weaponry from the West has also help to exhaust their supplies along with sanctions crippling Russia‘s economy and Kyiv’s counteroffensive which has seen a lot of land re-captured.

An expert said that there is a “widespread view that Putin has completely failed in this war” in many different areas.

Australian National University Associate Professor Matthew Sussex told Sky News Australia, “The one thing that we know that is happening is there is a massive amount of jockeying behind the scenes in Russian politics.

“There is a widespread view that Putin has completely failed in terms of this war, that he has failed in terms of the timescale, failed in terms of how he assessed the competence of the Russian military and has just failed in terms of the objectives.

“There is a concern in Moscow that if he has got this wrong, then maybe it is time to think about a change.”

He added, “There is jockeying behind the scenes and the question is what type of incentive do those people have to actually take action?

“It would take something becoming a bit more dyer – such as the Ukrainians achieving a breakthrough in Russian-held Ukraine that would up the pressure on Putin.

“By no means is he safe and secure, and the longer this war goes on, that is probably likely to increase as well.”

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