Roads blocked, flights cancelled as Arctic chill freezes UK


Dozens of flights have been cancelled at Heathrow Airport

The blast of Siberian weather dubbed the “beast from the east” has caused major travel disruption across the country, with commuters being warned of potential delays on the roads, trains and in the air.

Already dozens of flights have been cancelled at Heathrow Airport and police have reported car crashes across Britain.

Amber warnings for snow are in place for the south-east and north-east of England and the East Midlands until midday, while a yellow warning for most part is in place until midnight.

British Airways has cancelled 68 short-haul flights from Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport until Friday. easyJet has warned passengers to expect flight disruptions while Ryanair has cancelled dozens of flights.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Sillitoe told media: “During the rush hour there will still be some really heavy showers around, making their way towards London. There will also be further disruption throughout the day as these showers become widespread across the country.”

Meanwhile, forecasters have also warned that a “significantly disruptive” Storm Emma will bring blizzards, gales and sleet. It is due to hit the UK on Thursday and Friday.