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Remain and leave voters unite in anger at PM #NotOnMySide

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
21st Mar 19 10:34 am

The prime minister’s speech on Wednesday seems to have brought the country together but, in opposition to herself.

Thousands of Twitter users have taken to Twitter to vent their anger over Theresa May, following her late-night statement.

There has been a severe backlash MPs from across the British political parties, they have branded her address as “disgraceful” and “despicable” as she pitted the public against Parliament.

In an interview on LBC Dame Margret Beckett was furious with May and accused the prime minister of “lying to the British people.”



Twitter users have vented frustrations on the hashtag #NotOnMySide after May told the nation “I am on your side” in her statement.


Julia Hartley-Brewer, pro-Brexit and radio host said, “She’s “NotOnMySide I voted for Brexit, and Femi Oluwole and anti-Brexit campaigner called it “almost laughable.”

Oluwole tweeted, “It’s almost laughable. Theresa May is trying to force a Brexit deal on the country that both remainers and leavers hate, because it trashes UK sovereignty AND takes us out of the EU and she’s claiming to be on the side of the people? #NotOnMySide”

Sam Gyimah, Conservative MP tweeted, “Resorting to the ‘blame game’ as the PM is doing is a low blow. Democracy loses when a PM who has set herself against the HoC then blames MPs for doing their job.

“Distracts from Art 50 extension, all part of her strategy to run down the clock and rule out other options. Toxic.”


Labour’s David Lammy called the speech “sinister”.

He wrote on Twitter, “Theresa May’s attempt to put Parliament against the people on #Brexit tonight is sinister. It is the populism of Steve Bannon and Donald Trump. History will judge her brutally. Our country deserves so much better than this.”


The UK has just eight days left before we are due to leave the EU, on Thursday morning the prime minister travelled to Brussels to try an persuade EU leader to agree to extending Article 50.

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