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Putin ‘will remain in power until the end’ unless he ‘dies or is in a coup’ and neither looks likely’

15th Feb 23 1:45 pm

The former US national security advisor said that those who thought the Russians would give up have been “proven badly wrong.”

Speaking to Sky News John Bolton warned that since the “collapse of the Soviet Union” the West have “underspent on national security service.”

He added, “We now face yet another problem, including the potential, as the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, of a new Russian offensive.”

As a result of the dwindling NATO ammunition stocks since they have been providing vast amounts to war torn Ukraine, this is a direct “reflection of the lack of an overall strategy,” Bolton warned.

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The former US national security advisor said, “A list of endless weapon systems is not a strategy but developing what your objectives are and how to meet those objectives is and that includes assessing your capability to meet the objectives.”

Bolton added, that “anybody who thought the Russians were going to give up” have been “proven badly wrong” and “because we are not thinking ahead we are just reacting day to day.”

Many have also believed that Putin would not last, but the Russian President believes he will win the war in Ukraine.

A Western source admitted that there is very little chance that Putin will be ousted while the war continues to rage.

The senior Western diplomat said, “Putin will remain in power until the end, unless he dies or there is a coup – and neither looks likely right now.

“Putin cannot win the war, but he knows he cannot lose.”

A senior Russian source told Reuters news agency, “The President [Putin] believes he can win in Ukraine.

“He, of course, cannot lose the war. Victory will be ours.”

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