Public favourability towards Boris Johnson continues to fall


The latest Ipsos MORI political pulse shows 39% are now favourable to the Prime Minister while 43% are unfavourable.

Last month 45% had a positive opinion of Johnson and 38% saw viewed him negatively. This is the first time more Britons have been unfavourable towards the PM than favourable since the beginning of March.

Meanwhile, more Britons are forming an opinion on Keir Starmer over time; 62% now hold a positive or negative opinion of him compared to only 41% when we first asked in January.

More than one third of Britons (36%) have a favourable opinion of Starmer, up 10 percentage points from April, while only 26% see him negatively. Findings are largely unchanged since May. However, 38% still do not hold a positive or negative opinion of him compared to only 18% for Boris Johnson.

When asked about various personality traits of the two party leaders, Boris Johnson is more likely to be seen as having ‘a lot of personality’ when compared to Starmer (64% v 30%) whereas Starmer is more likely than Johnson to be seen as someone that ‘pays attention to detail’ (Starmer 41%, Johnson 29%). Across a range of other metrics, Johnson is more polarising than Starmer.

For example, Britons are more likely to say Johnson is a ‘strong leader’ or ‘good in a crisis’ than Starmer but they are also more likely to say Johnson is not. More Britons say they ‘don’t know’ whether these attributes apply to Starmer (‘strong leader’ 46%, ‘good in a crisis’ 57%) than either they do or do not.