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Professor says UK coronavirus lockdown could last until June

by LLB Reporter
29th Mar 20 1:02 pm

Cabinet office minister, Michael Gove has said the UK wide lockdown is not fixed in terms of length of time, and it will depend on how the public behave.

Gove told Sky News Sophy Ridge on Sunday the lockdown could be shortened, if people do follow the governments advice, but did not provide a time limit.

Gove said, “There are different projections as to how long the lockdown might last. But it’s not the case that the length of the lockdown is something that is absolutely fixed.

“It depends on all of our behaviour. If we follow the guidelines, we can deal more effectively with the spread of the disease.”

Talking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Gove said the UK must prepare for a “significant period” of a nation-wide lockdown.

Disease expert Professor Neil Ferguson, from Imperial College London said lockdown measures could last until June, in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Professor Ferguson told the Sunday Times, “We’re going to have to keep these measures [the full lockdown] in place, in my view, for a significant period of time, probably until the end of May, maybe even early June.

“May is optimistic.”

The former chief scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport told Sky News the government could stop and start lockdown measures.

He said, “Of course, everyone’s looking very carefully at China and Korea. China was obviously, sadly, ahead of everyone else in this in terms of the timing of the epidemic, the disease emerged in Wuhan.

“They’ve clamped down very hard and I think everyone around the world who understands the epidemiology is looking to see whether the outbreak does start again.”

Europe currently accounts for half of the world’s coronavirus cases, Germany Italy and Spain have seen thousands of deaths in recent weeks and are the worst hit countries.

It is feared that civil unrest is about to “explode at any moment” as the largest cities across Europe are struggling with either no or low incomes due to the pandemic, a Red Cross chief has warned.

Many countries across Europe are having lockdowns extended, particularly in Spain and Italy as the cases are rapidly climbing.

A Red Cross official has warned that Europe’s cities will imminently erupt with civil unrest, as this is a “social bomb.”

Meanwhile, an expert in the supply chain has warned supplies of paracetamol will run out within two to three months.

Panic buyers stripped the shelves bare of medications the last month and the UK relies on India to make the tablets. But India is now in a strict lockdown, so no factories are making paracetamol.

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