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Prepping for Christmas: Five money-saving ideas

by John Saunders
17th Nov 21 3:51 pm

A study reveals a large portion of people set a budget for festive spending, but most admit that they are unlikely to stick to it.

To avoid the prospect of taking on a seasonal job to afford Christmas, or paying for the festivities after the season has been and gone. A bit of prepping with these five money-saving ideas will help you have the best day without spending a fortune.

1. Shop early online and nab discounts

The earlier you start shopping for Christmas, the more time you’ll have to search for the best prices, deals and discounts on gifts.

Searching on Google before hitting the shops is a great place to start because the Google shopping tab enables you to see identical products from various stores and where sells it the cheapest.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a turkey, wrapping paper, or a special gift, start your search online first.

Other tips for saving money while Christmas shopping are as follows;

  • Subscribe to a shop’s email list to get exclusive discounts on purchases.
  • If you are a student, use your college or university ID while shopping to see if you’re entitled to a discount
  • Use Cashback sites such as Quidco to earn money as you spend online
  • See if it’s worthwhile making use of offers, such as 2 for £10 on toys at stores like Argos
  • Search for new, unopened gifts on Facebook marketplace to save money

2. Create an affordable Christmas budget

Rather than looking at how much you want to spend, look at how much you can afford too.

Spending less money doesn’t mean your Christmas will be any less fun or magical. It just means you need to get more creative with the money you have at your disposal.

Tally up how much money you have left over after paying your bills and for necessities such as food. As you’re reading this, if you’re in December, the amount leftover is how much you can afford to spend on Christmas this year.

However, suppose you have a few months until the festivities commence. In that case, you may have a few more pay checks to put aside extra money on the run-up to Christmas.

3. Secret Santa

It may be tempting to buy everyone you know a present – but it’s not necessary.

To relieve the cost and save some money, you could organise a Secret Santa gift-giving event.

This is where a group of people, such as work colleagues, pull a name out of a hat, and whoever they choose, they purchase one gift for that person. This way everyone gets a present and spreads the Christmas cheer. Without spending money on gifts for every single person they know.

4. Budget-friendly ways to enjoy Christmas

There are numerous budget-friendly ways to get in the spirit of Christmas on your own or with family or friends, and here’s how;

  • Watch a festive film such as home alone or polar express with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a cosy fire
  • Take a drive and marvel at the Christmas lights around town
  • Start an elf on the shelf tradition for little ones, and have their faces light up every day, attempting to find where the elf is and what mischief they’ve been up to
  • Wrap up warm, make a hot flask, and set off on a winter walk
  • Visit, browse, and enjoy the atmosphere of a Christmas market.

5. Make your own Christmas gifts

Senserini Lucrezia / Avalon

Present buying can be costly, particularly when you want to spoil the people you like and love.

But the expense doesn’t have to determine the value of the gift. Because with a bit of time and effort you can make thoughtful presents at home for next to nothing.

A few presents you can DIY at home and give to friends and family include;

Body scrub: A personalised body scrub is an easy and popular present for those who deserve to indulge in some self-care. For example, you can make a brown sugar body scrub with brown sugar, an oil of choice, such as coconut or almond oil, and a drop of essential oil.

Cookies: Christmas butter Cookies are easy to make and a delicious treat. And it’s likely you already have some of the ingredients to hand, such as plain flour and baking powder. Other items you’ll need are eggs, sugar, unsalted butter, and don’t forget an assortment of coloured granulated icing mixes to decorate them too.

Coupon booklet: A Christmas coupon book is the perfect present for gifts that can’t be wrapped. For instance, the coupon booklet for the other half might include a ticket for making their favourite dinner, going to a place they love, or a foot rub.

As you can see, creating a brilliant Christmas needn’t be expensive. From searching for the best deals on presents to making your own gifts, there’s plenty of prepping you can do to cut costs this year and save money.

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