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Seasonal staff vacancies are 25% higher than pre-Covid, but is money enough?

by LLB Reporter
10th Nov 21 12:17 pm

UK firms are now offering up to £2,000 sign-on bonuses amid Christmas labour shortages, with seasonal staff vacancies 25% higher than pre-Covid. But is money enough?

Steve Tonks, Senior Vice President EMEA at WorkForce Software says it’s not. A passionate advocate for the better treatment of frontline and diskless workers, Steve is unsurprised by the current staff shortages in retail and logistics. With companies that invested in employee experience citing a 70% increase in attracting talent – Steve recommends that retailers focus on the people, not the pounds.

Tonks said, “With the number of job vacancies now 25% higher than pre-Covid, the pressure is rising for employers to attract and retain seasonal workers ahead of the Christmas rush. But this staff shortage doesn’t come as a surprise. Deskless, frontline employees across industries are realising that companies are desperate to fill open roles and are demanding better workplace experiences.

“While a £2,000 sign-on bonus may help in the immediate term, it’ll be the employers who provide supportive and safe experiences that have talent resilience, at the expense of those who do not. After all, companies that invested in employee experience cited a 70% increase in attracting talent. Clearly, money isn’t everything.

“Data from WorkForce Software shows that benefits like job training, pay, flexibility and recognition are critical to recruiting new employees and keeping existing employees happy; only 66% of employees feel that they are properly trained at work and 23% don’t believe their accomplishments are recognised. By offering more opportunities for upskilling and professional development – and by implementing faster actions from employee feedback as well as communication tools leveraging newer technology – companies can build a better employee experience and ultimately, improve retention and success when recruiting seasonal and deskless workers.”

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