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Over a third of Londoners ‘can’t live without Wi-Fi’

by LLB Reporter
4th Feb 19 3:21 pm

New research from train operator, LNER, has revealed the lengths Londoners will go to, to stay connected, with over a quarter (27%) confessing they have or would ‘borrow’ Wi-Fi from their neighbour.

While near two in five (37%) of the capital city have declared they wouldn’t be able to live without Wi-Fi, over a fifth (21%) would succumb to desperation and travel at least 4 miles just to access free Wi-Fi. And it doesn’t stop there, as Londoners are willing to resort to uncomfortable conditions and positions to get connected to the internet – over a quarter (26%) have or would hang outside of windows, while over a fifth (21%) are happy to stand outside their home in bad weather and inappropriate clothing.

The importance of Wi-Fi nowadays even dictates Londoners travel plans, with over a third (34%) open to changing how and where they travel based on where they can get free internet access. Furthermore, once on their journey, some would choose Wi-Fi over their family and friends, opting to sit separately from loved ones (22%) in favour of a free connection.

Close to one in four have (23%) admitted to splashing the cash on travel upgrades to get an uninterrupted connection, or at least considered doing so. Whilst a quarter (25%) have admitted they would hang around a train station way longer than they need to in their bid to stay connected, over one in ten (15%) have shown no qualms in setting up a temporary office in train station waiting rooms to get their work done.

But it’s not just waiting rooms Londoners rely on. Their desire for Wi-Fi access has no bounds, with almost a fifth (19%) disclosing they have or would go to a former workplace or place of study in their desperation to get online.

LNER is helping Wi-Fi devotees do away with the stresses of Wi-Fi hotspots as it launches free Wi-Fi on all its trains, regardless of class of travel.

Claire Ansley, Customer Experience Director at LNER says; “Whether its work, social or play, we want to help Brits stay connected to the people and things that are important to them. So when they’re on one of our trains, they can be sure of hassle-free and free of charge Wi-Fi on all our trains, whether they’re travelling in Standard or First Class.”

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