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Over 77% of Ukrainians believe Zelensky’s ‘procrastination’ in the war will ‘undermine people’s faith in victory’

by LLB staff reporter
6th Aug 23 2:17 pm

In a public opinion poll devoted to the adaptation of Ukrainians to life in conditions of war and conducted by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF) in July, found the President Volodymyr Zelenksy is responsible for corruption.

The DIF public opinion poll found that 77.6% of Ukrainians believe that “procrastination” in the war will “undermine people’s faith in victory” particularly in Zelensky.

Interfax Ukraine reported, the DIF Executive Director Petro Burkovsky said in a statement, posted on the website of the Foundation, “Procrastination in solving problems that undermine people’s faith in victory will also hit the president himself.

“The poll showed that, according to 77.6% of citizens, “the president is directly responsible for corruption in the government, military administrations.”

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He added, that “the widespread argument that ‘the authorities do not have time everywhere’ does not work after 16 months of war and will no longer play the role of an indulgence for the abuses, indifference and incompetence of persons who were elected and appointed precisely so that they ‘all and everywhere’ they managed to do it, using the powers, all the more expanded in the conditions of martial law.”

Burkovsky  continued, “That is, it is officials who do not perform their duties that are no less dangerous enemy at this stage than Russia.

“And citizens expect Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s determination to remove such persons from power, listen and promote performers who honestly point out problems and competently propose their decisions.”

“Therefore, clearing the territorial recruiting and social support centers of ‘invaluable personnel’ should be the starting point, and not the point in the process of changes in the defense sector.

“In this case, one should not follow the path of simple solutions. In particular, we can reasonably assume that most citizens can support such a ‘simple the idea’ as ‘transferring military commissars-violators to the front line.’

“However, is it possible to trust weapons and the lives of soldiers to people who cynically traded certificates to evade service?

“It is unlikely that such a decision will be supported in military units. But the proposal to replace corrupt officials with veterans will quite find response in society.”

The poll also included that around 72.9% of Ukrainians support that wounded soldiers should be dismissed from service with a payment of compensation for rehabilitation and treatment.

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