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Outsmart the competitors: Boost your business with proxies

by John Saunders
15th Dec 20 5:13 pm

Business is all about staying ahead of the competition. One way to do precisely this is to integrate cutting-edge technology into your business’s operations to promote efficiency. In some instances, the benefits of the technology employed don’t just stop with the enhanced efficiency because various other advantages accompany the said technology. This is the case when using proxy servers.

Before we start to explain how to outsmart the competitors with a use of proxies, let’s find out what a proxy is.

What is a proxy?

A proxy or a proxy server is an application-based intermediary – supported by a computer on the backend – that intercepts your web requests, assigns them a new IP address, and, ultimately, connects them to the target website. Proxy servers are ideal for several applications. These include:

  • Ad verification
  • Web scraping
  • Aggregation for travel and hotel prices
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) etc.

Benefits of a proxy

Besides enabling you to undertake the activities listed above, proxy servers have numerous advantages. In fact, it’s these advantages that make the said activities possible. It’s, therefore, imperative to understand what the benefits of a proxy server are.

Enhanced speeds

Provided you choose a reputable proxy server provider and a dedicated proxy (instead of a shared one), you’re guaranteed to witness faster connections. This outcome results from the fact that the providers use very fast and powerful computers as the servers. This translates to the allocation of more bandwidth per user. After all, the server can accommodate the resultant traffic.

As such, whenever you use the proxy server, you’re essentially using the fast infrastructure. Also, no matter the number of people using a single proxy server, the speeds will always be immaculate.

Distribute traffic

Your preferred proxy server provider will store your website’s content on multiple servers around the world. As a result, the nearest server serves the visitors in that geographical location. Under this arrangement, at no one time will your actual server have to deal with too many web requests, which would otherwise lead to a crash.

Enhanced anonymity and privacy

A proxy server masks the actual IP address and assigns a new IP address. It follows that you assume a new identity online, and it’s, therefore, extremely hard for malicious users to gain access to your network or even intercept your web requests.

Furthermore, given that the proxy servers assign a new IP address regularly – if you’ve chosen a rotating proxy – even websites can’t block you from accessing information therein. As such, you’ll scrap websites unobstructed.

Enhanced security

On the security front, proxy servers are perfect tools for enhanced email security. Emails carry sensitive company information. Naturally, an attacker gaining access to this info, some of which could contain intellectual property or patented designs, spells doom for the company. Luckily, datacenter and residential proxies nip any phishing attack or eavesdropping in the bud.

The proxy servers also deal with distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which can cripple your network or server. By extension, they can even cripple your business.

Control access

With proxy servers, you can control what sites your employees can access, thereby increasing their productivity. As if that’s not enough, by restricting the websites your employees can access, you’ll be protecting your network from malware or attacks indirectly.

Outsmarting competition

Price aggregation

Price aggregation is necessary for situations where you don’t have the first-mover advantage but would like to take competitors by surprise. It’s a form of web scraping that extracts pricing information from websites. With the info obtained, you can price your product competitively.

Notably, you can’t undertake any form of web scraping, including price aggregation, without a proxy server. This, therefore, underscores the importance of proxies in outsmarting the competition.

Ad verification

The internet has reduced the world to a global village. As a result, companies have crossed borders and have ventured into new or foreign markets, thousands of miles away from the original market. If your company happens to have opened shop in another country, then you understand that this has also necessitated an international marketing campaign. Again, with the evolution of technology and increased usage of the internet, digital marketing is the go-to.

However, left unchecked, digital marketing campaigns can go south, thereby adversely affecting your brand image. For instance, an unscrupulous ad publisher may publish your ad on an undesired website. Alternatively, they may engage in ad fraud.

Fortunately, you can track your company’s international marketing campaigns using proxy servers since they circumvent geo-restrictions. If your competitors are not privy to these facts, you’ll outsmart them and become a market leader.

Harness all benefits of proxies

Using proxy servers enables you to enjoy all the benefits of proxy servers. These advantages give you an edge over competitors who may have to contend with DDoS attacks, slow servers, and constant hacking attempts.

The benefits of proxy servers and what they can do for your business’s success cannot be understated. But first, you have to seek a reputable provider before.

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