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Notting Hill tower inferno: London Fire Brigade confirm six people have died

14th Jun 17 12:20 pm

The latest from the scene

It has been reported that almost 600 people were in Grenfell Tower as the fire ripped through the 24-storey tower block around 1am Wednesday morning.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that six people are confirmed to have died and police said the number is “likely to rise” and it will be “some time” before they can be identified.

Within minutes the whole of Grenfell tower block was engulfed.


Residents have been saying that fire alarms either did not work nor could not be heard in their flats, it has further been revealed that London Fire Brigade in 2015 ordered the management company to improve the safety of the tower block.

This video was taken from Natalie who is resident in a block across from Grenfell tower block said it took minutes for the fire to engulf the block and the sequence of pictures her video shows this clearly.

The tower block had recently been refurbished costing more then £10m however, residents have been saying the speed of which the fire engulfed the tower block, literally took within 15 to 30 minutes and they saw people jumping out of the windows.

LondonLovesBusiness spoke to a local resident called Jimbo, he said: “My thoughts and prayer are with all those at Lancaster gardens”.

Describing what he saw, Jimbo said: “Around 5:00am I smelt fire and weirdly it instantly brought back memories from my time of serving in Baghdad.

“I could hear the helicopters and I made a cup tea and then at the back of the house I saw a trail of smoke.

Jimbo was describing his community, he said: “What is really heartening is the way Londoners respond as the community really supports everyone.  A huge collection is under way for those affected. People have been buying nappies and the local super market has sold out.

He added: “Those people that have been left homeless, it is now down to us and the wider community to help those in their hour of need.”

Another resident Mickey who lived on the seventh floor said he could smell burning plastic and saw horrendous scenes as he and his partner fled.

He said: “I opened the front door, there’s smoke everywhere, there’s all neighbours running out. ‘Get down the stairs’ they’re shouting.

“If we had stayed in that flat we’d have perished. It spread like wildfire because it [the tower] was covered in cladding. The smoke alarm was useless. I could only hear it in the hallway, not in the flat. It was horrendous.

“There were kids screaming up at windows, smashing windows, explosions going off, I’ve never seen anything like it.

“There were people who were lost, people who can’t find their families. There was one woman on the 12th floor, she’s left with her six kids, when she’s got to the ground floor there’s only four of them with her.”

Mona Adams said to Sky news that she knows people missing after the tower block fire in west London. She says. “she’s desperate for any news.”

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