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NHS starts ‘ventilator rationing’ with patients of ‘reasonable certainty’ of survival

by LLB Reporter
29th Mar 20 11:24 pm

The NHS has started “ventilator rationing” across the UK with patients who only have a “reasonable certainty” of surviving coronavirus.

Ventilator machines which are used to keep patients breathing are now restricted to those who will survive on medical grounds.

The NHS said, “very poorly patients with coronavirus may need to be on a ventilator for extended periods.

“for some patients this would not be in their best interests.”

A senior consultant told the Daily Telegraph, “As we learn more about the disease, we are being much more careful about which patients are being considered for critical care.

“In normal times we will give most people the benefit of the doubt. That has changed.

“With this infection you need a couple of weeks on a ventilator, so with resources being used for such a long time, you have to be reasonably certain the person is going to get better.

“Delaying their death for two or three weeks is not the right thing for them or for society.”

UK scientist said on Sunday that today’s [Sunday] figures suggest, that between 5pm on Friday and 5pm on Saturday, come after a healthcare data company predicted more than 1.6m people in the UK most likely already have coronavirus.

During the daily Downing Street press conference on Sunday, Dr Jenny Harries the deputy chief medical officer warned that the UK lockdown could last for up to six months, or even longer.

She warned people that no one should see the coronavirus crisis as “something that will blow over” within weeks.

Jenrick said, “This is an unprecedented step in peace time, we haven’t done anything like this since the Second World War.

“This means that we are establishing strategic coordination centres across the whole country.”

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick added, “We are establishing strategic co-ordination centres across the whole country. Each centre is led by gold commanders.

“We’re bringing together senior members of the emergency services, the police, the fire service, the ambulance service, with local authorities and the NHS to lead communities through this challenging period.”

A world leading virologist has said people can easily catch coronavirus “through expelled particles” in the air if an infected person coughs outside.

Whilst people seemingly believe they are safe by being outside, they are in fact wrong. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is a private research university, have written a shocking new report over the spread of coronavirus.

The new report written by experts at the renowned US university have found that viral droplets expelled in coughs and sneezes can travel at speeds of 33ft to 100ft per second.

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