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NHS driver volunteer support programme in response to coronavirus

by LLB Reporter
16th Apr 20 1:37 pm

Adverttu has launched its new NHS Driver Volunteer Support Programme in response to COVID-19. Through the programme, businesses and brands can support Adverttu’s drivers working across gig economy delivery services, healthcare, the military and in the public sector, as well as those who have become NHS Volunteers.

Adverttu has pivoted its transit media platform and adapted the logistics it uses for out of home on-car advertising to create these support packages. Adopting a package delivers direct monthly financial support, especially with fuel costs, to those who are helping all of us over the next few months.

The package also helps identify vehicles as Volunteers during lockdown via an easy-to-apply, self-fit vinyl denoting who the supporting brand is and the fact they are helping to keep the individual on the road for their critical role or task.

Many Adverttu drivers already use their cars for front line healthcare and community care, medicine and food delivery, private transportation, and other essential roles, and these key workers within Adverttu’s 16,000+ driver community have been joined by hundreds of NHS Volunteers, 8% in total in recent weeks.

Artjom Jekimtsev, CEO and founder of Adverttu said, “Our community has risen to this unique challenge. Many of our drivers hold critical roles in healthcare, the gig economy and online e-commerce services. They are out there, putting themselves at risk to protect our loved ones and to keep us all safe.]

“We wanted to develop a powerful way for brands, agencies and other businesses to directly support the people who deliver their advertising in normal times.”

Beyond the cars of the everyday public, Adverttu’s fleet also includes courier and delivery vans, HGVs keeping supply chains running, and other vehicles used for last mile delivery such as e-cargo bikes. The company’s transit advertising is operating alongside its NHS Driver Volunteer Support Programme.

To adopt a Driver Volunteer Support package can be found here.

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