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NHS Dr breaks cover and warns coronavirus is spreading through Hospitals

by LLB Reporter
19th Mar 20 10:00 am

An NHS doctor who has developed coronavirus symptoms has issued a dire warning that the NHS is “heading into the abyss.”

Dr Jess Potter, an NHS respiratory specialist at an intensive care unit in London has said she cannot be tested, despite being frontline as the government are ignoring the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr Potter was asked to see a patient who was infected soon afterwards developed a new and persistent cough.

She warned “right now if feels like we are heading into the abyss.”

Dr Potter told DNYUZ: “After just one patient with Covid-19, a quarter of our junior staff are off with coughs and sniffles we would normally work through.

“A single case of the coronavirus has wreaked havoc in our hospital.

“It’s a microcosm of what may come. Britain has fewer intensive-care beds than most other European countries. Occupancy rates are high, and there’s a daily struggle to discharge enough people to make space for new patients.”

The NHS has already been buckling with pressure and now under even more as the coronavirus is sweeping across hospital’s and staff are falling sick.

The Queen and her family have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak as the monarch has cancelled all key planned state visits due to “current circumstances,” Buckingham Palace announced.

From Thursday morning London transport services are being scaled down and Londoners are being warned, “don’t’ travel unless you really have to.”

From Friday the Waterloo and City line will shut and the Night Tube service will stop on Fridays and Saturdays.

Scientist says Covid-19 is man made and was released from Wuhan lab. A Taiwanese scientist has claimed Chinese microbiologists probably created coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

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