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Newxel: the best offshore dev teams come from Ukraine

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13th Oct 20 3:18 pm

Ukraine based Newxel have succeeded in assembling development teams for international clients involving local IT-talents who are recognised as some of the most proficient on the globe. Here is why you should look towards Ukraine if you want a really skilled dev team offshore.

The lack of highly qualified specialists is one of the most serious challenges that the IT world has faced in recent years. The industry is growing at an accelerated pace. Large companies are extending and new startups appear almost every day. On the other hand, it is becoming more and more complicated to recruit the required number of programmers. According to a recent KPMG study, more than half of all IT industry leaders reported they had a serious shortage of workers.

To solve this problem, companies are forced to search for specialists not only in their region but also around the world. The creation of an offshore dedicated development team in Ukraine could be one of the most successful solutions in this situation. Of course, you don’t have to assemble the staff yourself. Local companies like Newxel will not only do it for you but will also provide further support for the team on site.

Why Ukraine?

Why should you search for developers in this country? The answer is pretty simple – robust value for money. Perhaps you didn’t know, but Ukraine ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of software IT-engineers. But the point is, of course, not only in quantity but also in quality. Local specialists are known to be highly professional and talented. The Global Sourcing Association recently named this country the best for IT outsourcing.

In addition, Ukrainian workers will be relatively inexpensive for you, since the standard of living and wages are noticeably lower than in Western Europe or the United States.

Cultural features will not be an obstacle either, since Ukrainians mentally share international corporate values​​for a long time, many of them have worked or completed internships in foreign companies. Among other things, most of them are proficient in English.

What Newxel do

If you are going to engage outsourced developers from another country to your company, you can choose from several options: contact local outsourcing firm or recruiting agencies, or freelance exchanges. But choosing this way, you will have to deal with the selection of personnel yourself and control their work. It is wiser to contact a local outstaffing/IT Staff Augmentation company that will do the entire routine for you: find tech talents, create a development team that suits your request, will take care of HR, admin and infrastructure issues, and further support its work. This is exactly what Newxel is doing successfully. For more information you can visit site https://newxel.com/.

The guys started by creating an in-house development department for one of the leading international enterprises. Having experienced all the nuances and challenges of this work, they launched a new direction – offshore dedicated teams and R&D centers for foreign customers.

What you can count on

People behind Newxel take responsibility for all the key issues related to team building and support: they hire software engineers in accordance with your demands and your company’s specialisation; create a high-skilled dedicated development team; find an office and equip it with everything your people need to work efficiently; take on all the administrative, and legal routine. Once the task is done and the crew is up and running, Newxel ensures all-round back-office support. An account officer from their side will report you on the financial situation in the department, HR professionals will take responsibility for your employees’ motivation and professional growth. All you have to do is manage your team remotely and enjoy the results of its work.


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