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New app lets anyone make money from their social media profiles

2nd May 19 12:25 pm

A brand-new app has launched on IOS and Android that allows users of social media to earn money from brand campaigns, no matter how small their social following.

Promising a fresh approach to influencer marketing, MNFST, which currently operates on Instagram and Twitter, connects brands with a previously untapped online community of ‘everyday’ social media users, those who have a small but loyal following of family and friends.

MNFST, standing for Manifest, calculates each user’s ‘Social Capital Score’ via a unique algorithm, which determines their influence and projected earnings for participation in brand campaigns. App users have complete discretion over the brands they partner with, acting as an authentic voice of influence towards their follower base.

The founders were inspired by the rise of the sharing economy just as anyone can rent out their home or room on Airbnb, now anyone can make money from their social media profile with MNFST.

Whilst fake followers and six figure social counts may have muddied the waters of the influencer industry, MNFST’s innovative approach quite literally puts the power back in the hands of the people, breaking down the barriers between social media and making money.

The app is free to download and gives companies access to a community of over 800 designers who can create adverts in 2D, 3D, video and AR forms. MNFST is also pioneering a new visual format of Segmentation, allowing the user to be transported into a different setting via their phone camera. As they take a picture of themselves, they are ‘cut out’ and placed into a new background. Other technologies embedded in the app include face tracking, to ensure all posts have a human visual in shot, and object recognition, which scans for inappropriate content.

Currently available in the UK and Poland, the app operates an innovative auction-based pricing model that allows brands to set payment offers based on price per impression, which is then translated into a unique, non-negotiable monetary offer to the user. To date, almost 15,000 users in the UK have made up to £50,000 in combined earnings through the platform.

Victor Belogub, co-founder of MNFST said, “Our mission is to help people grow their digital assets by empowering them to support the brands they genuinely like and benefit from it monetarily or morally via supporting brands and/or charities.

“This new breed of influencer doesn’t have a fanbase of millions or a blue tick but offers brands an unrivalled sense of authenticity and transparency, and boasts a highly engaged, loyal ‘fanbase’. These influencers want to share content they love, with the people who they care about most, and now they can get rewarded to do exactly that.”

MNFST is free to download on IOS and Android.

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