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Nation’s favourite Cadbury to cut 30 per cent of sugar

by Purvai Dua
20th Jul 18 7:59 am

Come next year, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk will be available in a low-sugar version as part of the industry initiative to tackle obesity in the UK.

The new bar will contain 30 per cent less sugar and has been described as the “most significant innovation in the brand’s history”.

Cadbury said the science behind the reformulation was a “trade secret” but that will contain fibre.

“We’ve tested this with hundreds of consumers and they love it,” said Glenn Caton, president of Northern Europe of Mondelēz International, the US multinational company that bought Cadbury in 2010.

“It’s very tricky to reformulate chocolate because it’s just cocoa, sugar and milk and if you take one thing out, it changes the structure,” said Caton, who claimed he could barely taste the difference between the two bars. “We’ve used fibre as an alternative to some of the sugar and found it doesn’t have a negative impact on the taste or structure.”

The full-sugar version will also be available as usual.

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