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Motorists are warned the price of diesel is ‘perilously close to the £2-a-litre milestone’

by LLB Finance Reporter
22nd Jun 22 11:11 am

The RAC have warned motorists on Wednesday that the average price of diesel is “perilously close to the £2-a-litre milestone.”

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams warned that wholesale costs will be pass on to the customer and pump prices are “on course” to the milestone.

Data firm Experian shows the average price of a litre of diesel hit a new record of 197.1p, whilst the average price of petrol reached a record 189.3p per litre.

Williams said,  “With the oil price falling and wholesale costs down over the last week, pressure is mounting on the biggest retailers to turn the tide and put petrol pump prices into reverse.

“It now seems we’ve reached the current petrol peak, so we expect to see the big four supermarkets start to cut their prices.

“As they dominate UK fuel retailing this should lead to others reducing their prices too, which will benefit drivers everywhere.

“The situation with diesel is different, unfortunately, as wholesale prices last week still put it on course to move closer towards an average of £2 a litre.

“If, however, oil continues to trade lower it could just prevent this from becoming a reality.”

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