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Motorist warning: Winter precautions could invalidate car insurance

by LLB Reporter
29th Dec 23 5:03 am

Motorists have been warned to be aware of common mistakes which could leave them uninsured this winter.

Price comparison experts from Quotezone.co.uk believe thousands of UK drivers could be invalidating their car insurance policies by simply not knowing these winter motoring essentials.

Common steps like installing winter tyres to make a vehicle safer on icy roads could be against the terms and conditions on certain insurance policies.

The experts are urging all drivers to check their policies and make sure they are driving in line with their insurance providers terms.

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Other mistakes which could lead to invalidated claims are overloading a vehicle, wearing winter boots or failing to slow down on icy roads.

Quotezone.co.uk Founder Greg Wilson said, “Unfortunately, there are lots of cold weather mistakes which could lead to invalidated policies that are perhaps unknown by motorists.

“The terms and conditions are so important yet 39% of motorists admit to never reading them in full.  We want to warn motorists to check their policies and make sure they are following winter recommendations. The last thing any driver needs in January is to break the conditions of their insurance contract and leave themselves vulnerable.

“It could simply be due to failing to inform their insurer of new winter tyres being installed, or more serious offences like failing to drive with caution during turbulent weather or wearing the wrong footwear to drive.”

Here are Quotezone.co.uk’s factors which could leave drivers uninsured this winter

Overloading your vehicle

If you overload your car with too many people or bags of luggage, you could find it difficult to make a claim if you have an accident. If your car is too heavy, essential car systems, tyres and suspension all have to work overtime due to the pressure.

Wearing winter boots

Drivers may find themselves unable to claim on their insurance if they are found to have been wearing inappropriate footwear at the time of an accident.

This is because footwear can have a big impact on driving. Wearing large winter boots or shoes and wellies covered in snow could be noted as inappropriate. This could cause insurance companies to refuse claims. Make sure to always have an extra pair of suitable shoes for driving in your car this winter.

Failing to slow down on icy roads

Careless driving is often the cause for collisions on UK roads. Driving too fast or irresponsibly at the time of an accident could give insurers reason to invalidate claims and refuse to pay out.

During the colder months, drivers need to be aware of how to drive appropriately in icy or snowy conditions in order to avoid accidents where possible and stay within the law.

Frost and ice on roads can cause vehicles to slide, skid and aquaplane, putting themselves and other vehicles at danger.

Driving too quickly on roads in these conditions puts your vehicle at more risk of needing costly repairs, which could be very difficult if your insurance provider determines you were failing to follow their terms and conditions and the rules of the road.

Installing winter tyres

During the colder months, many motorists aim to make their vehicle safer for the conditions by installing winter tyres. These are designed to be heavier duty in the winter, to achieve better handling and shorter braking distances.

However, some car insurance companies could invalidate the insurance if they weren’t informed about changes to the vehicle.

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