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More than one million crimes were committed in London in 2017

15th Mar 18 3:18 pm

Westminster was the most crime-ridden area in the capital, with a total of 68,888 crimes reported

The UK’s capital appears to be the capital of crime, with an astonishing one million crimes committed in London last year.

The worrying figures, pulled together by property buyers Good Move, revealed that the borough of Westminster saw the most crimes committed with a total of 68,888 incidents reported in 2017.

Westminster suffers with anti-social behaviour with a fifth of reported crimes being anti-social offences. The second worst crime is violent and sexual offences, which makes up 14 per cent of all reported crimes in the borough.

Four London boroughs feature in the top five areas for the most theft from person crimes, with Westminster taking the top spot (8,063), Islington second (5,905), Camden third (5,893) and Hackney fifth (3,589).

To help UK residents find out if they live in a crime-infested area, Good Move created Crime Time, an online resource of crimes reported for UK cities. As well as providing the latest crime data per city, Crime Time also allows the user to compare the statistics against the corresponding region.

Crimes covered include: violent/sexual crimes, vehicle crime, public order offences, weapon possession, shoplifting, personal theft, robbery, drug crime, criminal damage, bicycle theft and anti-social behaviour.

Using the police data, the top five crime-ridden London boroughs have been revealed:

Westminster – 68,888 crimes committed

Tower Hamlets – 44,548 crimes committed

Camden – 44,546 crimes committed

Lambeth – 44,117 crimes committed

Newham – 41,787 crimes committed

Ross Counsell, Director at Good Move, said: “With crime rising in the UK, we think it’s essential for people to be aware of exactly what’s happening in their area – as well as any area they might be thinking about moving to. That’s why Good Move have developed Crime Time, to make sure you have all the information you need.”

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