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Michael O’Leary slams McDonald’s over CEO sacking

by LLB Reporter
4th Nov 19 2:12 pm

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has slammed McDonald’s over the sacking of CEO Steve Easterbrook as he had a consensual relationship with an employee.

O’Leary compared McDonald’s to the Catholic Church, he said they have had “celibacy for 2,00-years” and never managed it.

Speaking on Sky News Ian King Live the Ryanair boss said, “We [Ryanair] don’t have a policy on this. I really get very worried when companies start having policies on people’s private activity.

“If it’s consensual between consenting adults, Godspeed.

“The organisation that has the most trouble imposing morality on everybody is the Catholic Church… they’ve had celibacy for 2,000-years and never been able to manage it.”

He added, “I think companies should have company policies that affect corporate behaviour, but trying to impose policies on what consenting adults do between themselves is a step too far.

“We don’t have those kind of policies at Ryanair, but you know, we expect everybody to behave as mature adults and if there’s a consensual relationship between managers or between people in Ryanair then that’s fine.”

O’Leary’s comments come after McDonalds fired their chief executive Steve Easterbrook, saying he had “violated company policy” and shown “poor Judgement.”

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