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Met Police has ‘racists, misogynists and homophobes’ and there are ‘toxic’ cops who could rape and murder women like Couzens

21st Mar 23 11:08 am

A damning report has found that there could be more coppers in the Metropolitan Police like Wayne Couzens who is a rapist and he then murdered Sarah Everard despite years of warnings.

A review conducted by Baroness Louise Casey who investigated the Met Police for a year said the force needs a “complete overhaul” and may even need to be broken up.

Baroness Casey said the police unit that David Carrick the serial rapist worked in should be “effectively disbanded.”

The Casey report uncovered widespread bullying, and “deep seated homophobia” within the Metropolitan Police and the 363 page report also found racist attitudes.

Baroness Casey was asked if there could be more corrupt cops like Couzens and Carrick, she warned, “I cannot sufficiently assure you that that is not the case.”

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She further warned that in the Met Police “predatory and unacceptable behaviour has been allowed to flourish” and in the force there is a “culture of denial.”

The force has been called upon to “change itself” because “It is not our job as the public to keep ourselves safe from the police. It is the police’s job to keep us safe as the public,” which they are failing to do in many ways.

“I make a finding of institutional racism, sexism and homophobia in the Met,” Baroness Casey wrote, she added that the “dividing up the Met should be considered.”

Met Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley admitted there is a “diagnosis” of prejudice in the force and apologised.

Sir Mark said, “The appalling examples in this report of discrimination, the letting down of communities and victims, and the strain faced by the frontline, are unacceptable.

“We have let people down, and I repeat the apology I gave in my first weeks to Londoners and our own people in the Met. I am sorry.

“I want us to be anti-racist, anti-misogynist and anti-homophobic. In fact, I want us to be anti-discrimination of all kinds.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said, “Following a series of scandals, I asked for this independent review to be conducted by Baroness Louise Casey because I was deeply concerned about the cultural issues and systemic failings within the Met.

“The evidence is damning. Baroness Casey has found institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia, which I accept. She has described the Met as defensive, resistant to change and unwilling to engage with communities.

“As Mayor, I’ve already acted to put the Met on a path of far-reaching systematic and cultural reform, with the appointment of a new Commissioner and leadership team who acknowledge the scale of the problems and are committed to change. But clearly much more needs to be done, and fast.

“I have been determined as Mayor to shine a light on the true extent of the cultural problems in the Met as this is the only way to properly address the deep-rooted issues and regain the trust of Londoners. This review simply must be a turning point and I expect all the recommendations to be implemented quickly and in full.

“I want to assure Londoners that I’ll be unflinching in my resolve to support and hold the new Commissioner to account as he works to overhaul the force. The Met has many committed, professional police officers and staff who want to be part of this change. I see police reform as a critical part of my mayoralty and I will not be satisfied until Londoners have the police service they deserve – one that is trusted, representative and delivers the highest possible service to every community in our city as we work to build a safer London for everyone.”

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