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Managing staff by apps

by John Saunders
20th Nov 20 5:33 pm

Within any business and firm, managing your staff is essential. Not only does it give you a sustainable working environment, but it also gives your workers a great morale boost and incentive to keep working. Without the correct applications to manage your team, human error and mistakes are prone to occur. It is only natural, and sometimes not even noticed. You might want to try a timesheet app to help you achieve increased efficiency, to make sure you and your employees are in a happy work environment. 

We have decided to include below, a series of apps that you could integrate within your work force, so you can micromanage everything to the best of your ability, without having to rely on too many resources to get you there! Some applications do present really easy user interfaces, so it won’t be too much to pick up at once, so why not explore what these apps down below offer to you and your business?

Artificial intelligence

This tool is very useful to incorporate across multiple industries. Why? Well, it provides ro system to the way you perform tasks to manage teams, meaning you can pretty much automate your processes, to ultimately make it easier to achieve for yourself in the long term.

AI provides an efficient way to schedule your workforce based on their job roles and what they can provide to your business. You could essentially free up much time, tasks and employees to save employment budgets and direct the correct work to those that are best suited to the tasks. It is perfect for new business owners that are trying to find their way in leading and micromanaging what needs to be done. All the work would be saved within a cloud of storage, for you to check and immediate some evaluations towards your team. With clear identification of who did what and when, it is perfect for a day-to-day basis.

Project management

Project management is essential for what will make your business go from one goal to the next; climbing and excelling to new potential. It is the skeleton of your business and for that reason, having an application that manages all of that, would definitely be most wise. Within this application, you can monitor tasks that need to be completed, distribute tasks to all your teams, with the utmost transparency and accountability. It is all customisable, meaning you can alter the changes needed for you and your particular team.

 For larger teams of different roles, this would be most wise as you can split it up into different categories and the manager would add the employees to the right team schedule.

Communication applications

The communication application is one that allows you to leverage workflow across the right team momentum, and communicate everything very clearly, on what needs to be achieved and done on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This system allows for in-house goals and messaging between teams, so the task force can clearly mediate between one another components of work. 

These kinds of communication functions are quite idyllic in the world we are all facing now. With the pandemic, many workers are faced with having to work from home, which obviously means all interaction and communication must be done over virtual means. So rather than having multiple applications to connect and compile tasks, unifying it all within one application seems like a better idea. Say goodbye to Skype and Zoom and hello to the latest system to hit the block.

Considering what application you go for, will all depend on what your business is and the industry it belongs too. There is no doubt however that systems like these are so efficient to integrate to manage the new work and living conditions that we all are facing, due to social distancing guidelines and rules that international governments have enforced to corporate and smaller businesses.


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