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Londoners pay more than double in car insurance

6th Jan 17 10:00 am

Why is it so costly to run a car in the capital?

Londoners face huge costs when it comes to car insurance compared with the rest of the UK.

The average cost to insure a car in the city will set you back £1,460. The rest of the country faces costs of £714. According to figures released by comparethemarket.com.

The cheapest place for car insurance is the South-West and London pays around £800 more than those driving a car in that area of the country.

Londoners also have some of the most expensive cars in the country with the average price sitting at £10,232.

The website looked at the cost to buy and insure the most popular cars on London’s roads.

The car that came out on top as the most popular was the Nissan Qashqai. To buy the vehicle is costs an average of £10,416. Any premiums would cost around £822 which makes it one of the cheapest to insure.

The most expensive car to win the top spot on the list of the top 10 most common cars on London roads was the Mercedes Benz E Class.

It will cost you a staggering £19,099 and has an average premium of £1,444.

Head of motor insurance Dan Bass said: “The cost of motor insurance is a postcode lottery as providers view different areas as having different levels of risk.”

“Motorists in cities such as London can now expect to pay over double for insurance compared with some other parts of the country, as claims are more likely to be made in urban areas where there is a greater risk of a collision, or of car crimes such as vehicle theft.”

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