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Londoners losing out on quality time together

13th Mar 18 9:52 am

New research shows 

New research shows that the British tradition of sitting down to a family meal together is in danger of becoming a thing of the past, with 67 per cent of London adults who live with family or housemates not sitting down to a daily meal with them. 

Work, hobbies and technology are all getting in the way of the once-sacred family ritual of discussing the day over dinner.

To mark the start of a new Scotch Beef PGI campaign, which includes a celebration of the iconic roast dinner, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) undertook YouGov research to find out just how much the nation’s mealtime habits have changed.      

Londoners are least likely to eat with family or housemates with only a quarter (25%) sitting down to eat together on a daily basis compared to the UK average of 48 per cent.

Working hours were named as the biggest barrier to Londoners eating together (43%) while over a quarter (27%) of respondents were too busy with hobbies and leisure pursuits to make time for regular meals with family and housemates.

Respondents like to eat different foods (27%) and at different times (29%) to others in their households. But spare a thought for the 15 per cent of London adults who eat in separate rooms and the 11 per cent who don’t get on well enough with those they live with to spend time together round the dinner table – the UK average is just 5 per cent. 

A small number (9%) said they simply did not have a dining table or space to eat together.

Technology is also changing the way we eat.  A staggering 64 per cent of London adults regularly watch the box while eating, over a quarter (27%) browse the internet on their mobile, 23 per cent use a tablet or computer, while 17 per cent regularly text or email over dinner. 5 per cent even video call while they eat.

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