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Labour remains on 41% vs 25% for the Conservatives, with Reform UK on 13%

by LLB political Reporter
22nd Apr 24 9:14 am

Labour holds onto its 16 point lead for a sixth consecutive week, as Reform UK climbs to 13% of the vote share, Opinium’s latest poll reveals.

Labour has 41% (no change), the Conservatives are on 25% (no change) and the Liberal Democrats have 10% (also no change). Reform gained 2 points, while the Green Party is on 7% and SNP on 2% (both -1).

Keir Starmer and Ed Davey see their approval ratings fall this week while Rishi Sunak remains unchanged:

Majority think last 14 years of Conservative-led governments have been unsuccessful

Almost three in five (58%) of voters believe the record of all Conservative-led governments since 2010 has been unsuccessful. Only 26% feel it’s been successful.

Unsurprisingly, 70% of those currently voting Conservative feel the party’s record has been successful – however almost a fifth (18%) think it’s been unsuccessful. Among those who voted for the party in 2019 the response is more split, with 50% saying it has been successful and 38% saying unsuccessful.

Again, unsurprisingly, overwhelming majorities of 2019 and current Labour voters say “unsuccessful” (83% and 81% respectively) while 63% of current Liberal Democrat voters, whose party was a partner in one of those governments, say “unsuccessful” with 24% saying “successful”.

Compared to 2010, More people think the Conservative party is now more right-wing than left-wing (27% vs 15%), however a plurality said either “no change” (27%) or “not sure” (31%).

Truss tops a poll… of worst prime ministers since 2010

When asked who has been the best prime minister since 2010, David Cameron narrowly edges Boris Johnson (24% vs. 22% respectively). Just 6% picked Rishi Sunak.

Looking at who public thinks has been the worst prime minister since 2010, Liz Truss tops the chart with 46% – almost double the number who selected second placed PM, Boris Johnson (25%).

Truss being the worst is easily the consensus among Conservative voters (60% of those voting for the party in 2019) while Labour 2019 voters are more evenly split between Truss (42%) and Johnson (34%).

Regarding the best leader, 41% of 2019 Conservative voters chose Johnson, 24% Cameron and 17% were not sure.

James Crouch, head of public affairs and policy at Opinium said, “Rishi Sunak has struggled to communicate his distinct vision for the country as the fifth Tory prime minister in a row.

Unfortunately, while the public at large also struggle to choose who has been the highlight of the last 14 years – a period in government three in five now deem to be unsuccessful – they can at least identify the least successful of them all: Liz Truss.”

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