Home Business News Kremlin are ‘preparing evacuation plans’ for Putin as he is ‘aware of the possibility of a sharp change in mood in’ Russia

Kremlin are ‘preparing evacuation plans’ for Putin as he is ‘aware of the possibility of a sharp change in mood in’ Russia

29th Jul 22 1:16 pm

The Kremlin are “preparing evacuation plans” for Vladimir Putin should he lose in Ukraine which is looking likely on multiple fronts.

Putin is also very “very aware of the possibility of a sharp change of mood in” Russia as the economy has collapsed, businessmen and oligarchs have turned against the Russian leader.

Following on from that report, the Kremlin claim that “Putin himself and his entourage are preparing plans for evacuation from Russia.”

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A Kremlin telegram message has revealed that Putin, his family and friends are currently preparing to flee Russia and could end up in Syria with President Bashir al-Assad where he will retire.

However for Putin, his family and cronies to travel to Syria his flight would have to fly through Turkey which is a NATO country.

Russian troops are currently surrounded in the city of Kherson and have been given an ultimatum, “retreat or be annihilated” as there “may not be a third warning,” the “choice is theirs.”

Ukraine has used its new long-range artillery to damage at least three of the bridges across the Dnipro River which Russia relies upon to supply the areas under its control, which is crippling Putin’s forces.

Putin is fully aware that his Donbas offensive is stalling as Ukraine are most likely to succeed in capturing Kherson as they are using the US supplied HIMAR missile systems (high mobility artillery rocket systems), which are severely crippling Russian troops in their efforts.

Iran is another regional power and in principle, “it is beneficial for Iran and Turkey to keep the Russian president in exile in reserve, using him, depending on the situation, as a lever or as a bargaining chip,” the General SVR channel states.

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