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Key component of building for business

by Sarah Dunsby
8th Aug 18 9:40 am

Safety is a key component of any building. Buildings used for business purposes host guests of all ages. It is the business or building owner’s responsibility to keep these spaces in compliance with fire safety laws. When people frequent a business, such as a hotel or grocery store, they assume that they are safe in the environment. Regular inspections should assist in this security. There are some special circumstances, however, that make the annual approval invalid. When these circumstances occur, a second round of inspections I necessary.

Increased occupancy

Some buildings used for business have ongoing occupants. A row of flats, for instance, houses residents.

The initial inspection includes an assessment for fire safety considering the amount of individuals living onsite at the time. If this number increases, there should be a new inspection. In the case of a fire, the escape plan may be contingent on how many people can fit thought the route at the same time. A London fire risk assessment company can keep you informed of occupancy standards.


Your inspection takes into consideration the layout of the building. A plan that is made prior to building renovations may not relevant after the changes are made. The addition of a room, tearing down of a wall, or built in furniture, can all change the route that people must take to get out of a building. You should also be careful with your own decorating habits. Sometimes people add too much furniture or block extra doorways with shelves. This can limit options when a quick escape is necessary.


Sometimes a building is used for one thing when it is first built, and then changes over the years. A building meant for a shop may later be used for a small apartment, for example. Fire safety plans can change dramatically when the use of the building is updated. An exit plan for shoppers would be much different than one set up for children. If you rent out a building for your new business, it is advised that you call for a fire inspection for your particular business. Do not depend on the one of the previous owner to be accurate.

Get it in writing

Some inspectors come out and give you an oral review of the situation. Some areas do not require the formal report to be written out. This can be problematic if you need proof of approval for any reason. The recommendations given to make your building safer are also included in this report. You may easily forget these if you do not have a formal checklist. Make sure the company you choose can provide a written assessment when requested.

Fire assessments are a helpful service for keeping residents and business guests safe. There are many variables, however, when it comes to abiding by lawful standards. Each building is different and has a different purpose. Even a small change, like rearranging the office equipment, can change the assessment. It is pertinent that you call for a reevaluation when major changes are made to the physical structure or occupancy of the building.

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