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Journalist Julian Assange has been imprisoned for uncovering ‘a truth that was embarrasing to the US’

11th Aug 21 2:35 pm

Julian Assange has appeared via video link from HMP Belmarsh in a High Court appeal to not extradite him to the US.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled in January that Assange should not be extradited to the US for alleged espionage charges as he is at high risk of suicide.

However, the US argued today that Assange does not meet the threshold of being so ill that will harm himself.

Clair Dobbin QC for the US told the High Court, “He has not made the sort of serious attempt on his life or have the history of serious self-harm seen in other cases.

“It really requires a mental illness of a type that the ability to resist suicide has been lost.

“Part of the appeal will be that Mr Assange did not have a mental illness that came close to being of that nature and degree.”

The former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Assange is a reporter “in the tradition of fearless journalism” and the only thinh he is guilty of is highlighting the “truth that was embarrassing to the US.”

Corbyn added, “The United States seems to have a sort of obsession with people who uncover the truths about US military presence around the world.

“I think they should wind their necks in and let Julian Assange go.

“I hope the court today gives a very clear signal that they will not allow the appeal by the United States and that Julian Assange will be allowed to go free.”

Assanges partner, Stella Moris who has two children with him described Assange “an innocent man accused of practising journalism.”

Moris stood in front of the steps of the High Court and told supporters, “The US government is exploiting the inherently unfair arrangement between the US and the UK.

“They are exploiting the inherently unfair extradition arrangements with this country in order to arbitrarily prolong his imprisonment.

“The imprisonment of an innocent man accused of practising journalism.”

Moris, who visited Assange at Belmarsh Prison on Tuesday added, “For every day that this colossal injustice is allowed to continue, Julian’s situation grows increasingly desperate.

“He won the case against the US government seven months ago, yet he remains in Belmarsh Prison, what is this, if not punishment by process?”

She added, “Yesterday, Julian and I were permitted to embrace for the first time in 17 months, throughout my visit in Belmarsh I held his warm hand.

“Julian has been denied the love and affection of his family for so long.

“Julian and the kids will never get this time back. This shouldn’t be happening.”

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